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Jean-Luc is a complete artist that the public has already had the chance to see on stage many times. Driven by passion and whose watchword multidisciplinary, he learned, through hard work and over time, with talent to master the art of singing, dancing and also comedy. He is also an accomplished clarinetist.

For nearly 20 years Jean-Luc connects the concerts and passes easily from one experience to another, because its engine is the real scene. In fact in 1993 he participated in the creation of a vocal quartet "Essential" and made the first part of international artists such as Jimmy Cliff. He participated in a concert at the Zenith in Paris in 1998, the association "Children of Earth" and there made the acquaintance of Yannick Noah, with whom he felt close to immediately.

At age 21, his love for soul music and R & B led him to integrate the first Chorale Soul / R & B in France, "We Are One"  He toured France and Europe for 4 years. He has collaborated with internationally renowned artists Cunnie Williams and Michel Legrand.

In 2005 Jean-Luc was noticed by the casting team of Star Academy and was one of the finalists of season 5. Through this program he worked  hard at mastering his love of the Performing Arts and found his greatest appreciation for Yannick Noah at a time where their complicity escapes no one. He followed the tour in France and abroad.

It is therefore natural that Jee-L appeared at the auditions in 2006 for the Broadway Musical "The Lion King" in Paris, for the role of Mufasa. Jean-Luc connected instantly to this powerful figure. His haunting voice and his dancing skills convinced the production team, which offered him the role without hesitation.


In spring 2007, he recorded the single "He lives in you", as derived from the Broadway Musical "The Lion King", he performed alongside ZAMA (Role RAFIKI) and Jeremy Fontanet (Role SIMBA).


A year later, the company of "The Lion King" received three Molière awards in 2008 (For Excellence in Theater) This is a rededication to the American musical, which enjoyed great success in France, with more than half a million visitors since October 2007.

In parallel, Jean-Luc recorded for the compilation ZOUK 40 ° (Released 1st August 2008 at WAGRAM SA) entitled "They and me." A Piece in which he is the author of the duet with MATT HOUSTON (2 R&B street / Cinderella Ghetto ...). Downloadable E. tunes / FNAC VIRGIN.

In addition, Jean-Luc’s preparation of the project that is close to his heart: His first album with influences POP / Soul / R 'n'B produced by the label Webooking Records.

As a Songwriter, he also co-produced the first single "NOS SENTIMENTS" with Deck. Hearts are assured by the family WAKU and mixing by Fred FRAIKIN.

At the end of 2010 the musical The Lion King ended in Paris. An end far too early for his taste, said Jean-Luc. Haunted by the "spirit of MUFASA", the production team renewed their trust in him and asked him to continue the adventure by performing the same role , but this time in English (original language), with an international cast in southeast Asia : SINGAPORE!

The Box Office was exploding, with no lack of superlatives to describe the event THE LION KING SINGAPORE.

Finally at the end of 2011 the Production team contacted Jean-Luc once again, this time asking him to bring his Talents to Germany. This is the third language that Mr.Guizonne has now performed this show in. For an artist, it's very rare or even unheard of in the history of  Musical Theater.

In 2012, Jean-Luc  joined the cast of Musical THE LION KING (German: König der Loewen).

His proudest accomplishment is being the DAD of MAEVA and MALCOM.

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